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7 Chakras

We are light beings and everything in our system is informed by light. Wisdom of Himalayas and Andes unite. Tibetan Rainbow Body refers to our 7 energy centers, chakras, each represented by a color. The Amazon shamans can also recognize that when we clear the energetic blocages in our chakras, each center vibrates at its natural frequency and we radiate the seven colors of the rainbow.

There`re so many nerves in the body that if we would bind them all end to end, they can go around the earth three times. These nerves are like cables creating electromagnetic field and that`s the light body around the physical body. 

The physical body is our particle state which is finite and the luminous body is our field state which is infinite and timeless. When we die, we continue our being in the field state. We meditate to learn how to step into infinity and drop in-between the moments so we can connect to the joy and wisdom which are the nature of the field itself.

Heart Chakra is the center of our luminous body and it is associated with synchronizing the breath with heart beat, which resets all of the systems in our body. The heart is the master drummer, the time keeper of the body that tunes everything to the rhythm. When we reset our heart rhythm to the rhythm of the Sky and Earth, the creation itself and nature, it tunes the whole energetic body to its original health.

Love is the vibration of the quantum field. Unconditioned love is the original vibration of the creation itself. When we are able to experience it in our heart chakra, we are able to participate in the process of co-creation, without forcefully twisting and shaping the world to our liking. Munay in the language of the Incas, is love without thinking or reasoning. It is the vibration, the original song out of which all of the cosmos emerged and will return to, which is many cycles of expansion and contraction.


The wheels of light, our chakras hold our map of reality. They reflect us back what we believe. What we carry as traumas, beliefs, conditionings are transferred and stored in the eighth chakra and passed on to the next life time, and that`s why it is important to clear our energy centers and work on their healing.

Affirmations affirm an idea to our both subconscious and conscious mind. When we have a thought, we will also attach an associated image, feeling, and response to this thought. They rewire our neuropathways and prime the soil of our lives for seeds of our highest destiny to sprout easily.

Eighth Chakra is outside of the body yet residing inside of the luminous energy body and hovers above the head like a golden spinning sun. Shamans call it Wiracocha, meaning source of the sacred, where Spirit lives within us. Eighth chakra is who we are in between births and deaths, who we were before being born and after we die. It exists outside of time but manifested in time. The information field in the eighth chakra act as the template to create the physical body. Etched in its walls are the imprints of trauma that we bring with us from one lifetime to another and that help select the parents we are born through. These imprints predispose us to living, learning, aging, and dying in particular ways, and are mirrored by the imprints in our luminous energy field.

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After we die, the information in all seven chakras are uploaded to the eighth energy center to seek a similar family to born into. When we are being born, the information in the eighth chakra is downloaded to the body, so it remains empty yet full of potential.


The eyes of your Wiracocha has seen the birth and death of galaxies and can see the luminous nature of reality. It can see the full spectrum, beyond the physical. This is where we dream the world into being, where the spirit and matter meet. This is where we can choose destiny lines.


1. Draw your awareness to the base of your spine. Envision the color red filling this space as you breathe all the way into this energy center of your first chakra. Spend a few quiet moments with this red chakra until you feel completely grounded in your environment.

2. Shift your attention now to the pelvic region, right between the hips. Envision an orange glow filling this area of your body, spending a few moments breathing into this space. When you feel a sense of radiant energy building, move mindfully upwards.

3. Next, hold your attention on the area around your belly button. Imagine a yellow light filling this entire part of your body. Breathe deeply into the abdomen, and when you feel ready, continue on.

4. Draw your attention now to the heart space, right in the center of the chest and imagine a green light filling this space within you. Allow the chest and shoulders to soften, spending a few moments here until you feel balanced.

5. Shift your awareness slowly now to the throat chakra, holding your attention on this center of higher communication. Breathe a loving blue light into this space as you ground yourself here. When you feel balanced and ready to move on, proceed upwards.

6. Hold your attention on the space between your brows now, the area that is home to the third eye chakra. Imagine a beautiful indigo glow filling this space in your mind. When you feel clear and calm, proceed to the crown.

7. Holding your awareness at the crown of the head now, imagine a violet glow filling the entire space of your head. Allow all thoughts to dissolve as you come into complete harmony with the present moment. Stay here for a short while as you prepare yourself to move beyond the physical body.

8. When you are ready to move to the 8th chakra, envision the violet glow shifting to gold. Witness it becoming smaller and smaller until it is the size of a pearl. Then, gently imagine this golden pearl moving beyond the physical body and hovering just a few inches above the crown. See if you can keep your focus here for a few minutes.

9. If visualizing the golden pearl is challenging for you, you can tune into the space just above your head through the power of your awareness alone.

10. See if you can stay centered here for 3 or 4 minutes, meditating on this space with openness, nonjudgment, and zero expectation of what your experience will be like. Remember, openings are often subtle, expanding slowly over time.

11. After the few minutes are over, gently guide your attention back to the crown and then deeper into the physical body. Spend some time reconnecting with the earthly plane before moving into any other activity.

You may or may not notice anything unusual while practicing this meditation, but overtime, you might observe a gradual expansion of your spiritual depth and wisdom. Allow your experience to be perfectly acceptable exactly as it is, trusting that things will unfold in accordance with divine timing. All will be taken care of.

Source: Alberto Villoldo

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